well-informed sources revealed that the decision of the violation is his right side, because it is not mentioned in the health requirements for commercial stores.
The sources pointed out that wearing gloves is a health requirement that must be applied in food establishments, and does not tolerate them, according to the Food and Nutrition General Authority Circular No. 5/2020 regarding health requirements to adhere to wearing gloves and masks, and applying personal hygiene requirements for the worker

But the sources confirmed at the same time that the liberalization of some government agencies violations of workers in the shops, because not to wear gloves has been right, because Ministerial Resolution 83/2020 only obligated to adhere to wearing a protective mask or cover the nose and mouth by any other means, noting that the violation of workers In shops not to wear gloves do not rely on any relevant decisions in this regard, stressing the importance of non-arbitrariness in applying health procedures that the competent authorities did not include within the applicable requirements

Source : https://www.alraimedia.com/Home/Details?id=87415b60-6d7c-408c-8bf1-2ac079c083b6