Kuwait Airways announced that it is returning to commercial operations of its destinations again starting 1/8/2020.

The airline, through its account, requested the micro-blogging site «Twitter», its customers to follow the reservation channels of Kuwait Airways or the approved travel agent for more information and make their reservations. An official source revealed that the Supreme Committee for the Re-operation of Commercial Trips has adopted a protocol of the Ministry of Health on health controls and requirements to leave and the arrival of citizens and residents to Kuwait International Airport.

The source said that the health controls for those coming to Kuwait International Airport details as follows:

1- Obtaining an accredited PCR health certificate proving that they are free from infection with the Coronavirus

2- Signing a commitment to abide by the Ministry of Health instructions, whether in institutional or domestic quarantine

3- Performing a random PCR examination to prove that the arrivals to Kuwait from Korona are free when they arrive at the airport, at 10% of the total of each upcoming flight.

4- Measuring the passenger temperature before boarding and upon arrival

5- Compliance with health requirements in terms of wearing masks and gloves

The source revealed that the most important measures that will be taken with the departures from Kuwait International Airport are the following: 1- Allocating an accredited health laboratory under the direction of the Ministry of Health at Kuwait International Airport 2- The departures from Kuwait International Airport obtain a health certificate issued by the laboratories of the Ministry of Health to be certified free from Corona if required, according to the requirements of each country receiving the departures from Kuwait Volume 0%   3- Providing health certificates for departures, which are the responsibility of the ground services companies at Kuwait International Airport 4- Adherence to health requirements in terms of wearing masks and gloves and adherence to social distance

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5784111