Kuwaiti astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said that tomorrow, Sunday, will witness a shadow eclipse of the moon that passes in the cone of the earth’s shadow, which is a semi-shadow consisting of the earth’s shadow mixed with sunlight and appears gray in color.

Al-Saadoun added to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that this eclipse begins at 6:46 am Kuwait time and ends at 8:55 am.

He explained that the current year has a special case with regard to the number of lunar eclipses and solar eclipses, as the number of lunar eclipses will reach four, all of which are shadowy, compared to two solar eclipses.
He added that there will remain one total solar expanse in the month of December and one shady lunar eclipse in the month of November.
And that the lunar eclipse tomorrow is not visible to the naked eye except by means of a telescope and will be seen in Western Europe, West Africa, North and South America, and it cannot be seen in the Arab Gulf states.
He pointed out that the lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is full in the middle of the lunar month, so that it is on the other side of the earth and enters the cone of its shadow.