Kuwait:The Arabic local newspaper Al anba reported that The cost for the health certificate for departing traveller to prove that he is free from infection with the Corona virus will be between 10 to 20 KD, . The General Administration of Civil Aviation will standardize the fees once it is approved by the ground handling services and the Ministry of Health, the daily added. This certificate is needed by passengers who are travelling to countries where this certificate is mandatory.

Meanwhile, for incoming passengers, who wish to return to Kuwait are required to obtain a health certificate from health centres accredited by Kuwait embassies in their country, Al Anbaa daily reported. The passenger not needed to visit the embassies to void crowding at Kuwait Embassies in a foreign country. However an official statement is yet to be made by the authorities.

However, the local Arabic daily Al Qabas reported that the operating plan for incoming and departing passengers still need a lot of challenges. According to Al Qabas report, most prominent challenges are defining the medical centres to issue the PCR certification, in addition to the lack of a cleaning company currently in the main terminal building. The establishment of health centres inside the airport buildings instead of the current medical clinics, the recruitment of specialized doctors etc needs to be finalized.

According to the official plan, the airport will start the service with daily 10,000 passengers with a maximum of 100 flights. However, the plans submitted by the airlines need to be studied by various management to evaluate and finalize the destinations. The finalization of destinations includes several variables regarding the destination countries, as it is not possible to operate to countries classified as high health risks. This also depends on the volume of demand for various destinations by passengers.