Today, Sunday, the Foreign Ministry unveiled new measures taken by countries regarding travel and airport restrictions in light of the recent outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The Foreign Ministry stated in a statement issued by it that the measures taken by the countries were as follows:

GCC countries:


– The airport is open for transit flights only.

Foreigners are not generally permitted to enter the State of Qatar, but the Qatari authorities have allowed entry of foreigners with first-degree Qatari relatives, as well as those with permanent residency in Qatar.

the two seas

Bahraini authorities only allow entry to foreigners who have residency in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Sultanate of Oman

– All the Sultanate’s airports are closed for commercial flights until further notice.


– The UAE authorities announced that the airports of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah will be opened to transit flights only.

– The United Arab Emirates permits entry of foreigners who have valid residency and who are outside the country, and holders of valid residency must register with the service of “Resident Entry Permit” on the website, fill out the return request and state a reason Being outside.


The authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have not yet taken a decision to open the airports to international commercial flights.

The Arab World:


Airports are still closed to commercial flights so far.

– The next foreign traveler of the Kingdom of Jordan will be subject to the institutional quarantine in the designated hotels after he pays the value of the hotel stay for a period of 14 days.


The airport has not yet been opened for commercial flights.


– The Lebanese government decided to open the airport on 1/7/2020 with the ability to operate 10% of the traffic.

Morocco, West, sunset

– Airports are closed to commercial flights until further notice.


– The Egyptian authorities announced the opening of airports for commercial flights as of 1/7/2020.

– The Egyptian authorities allow foreigners to enter according to specific controls, which are diplomats, employees of regional and international organizations, first-degree relatives, official visits and humanitarian cases, cargo flights and private aircraft.


– Tunisian airports will be inaugurated for commercial flights as of 27/6/2020.

– Passengers arriving in the Republic of Tunisia must follow the health conditions of carrying a mask, and conduct a PCR examination, provided that it is issued 72 hours before the traveler arrives in Tunisia confirming that he is free of the emerging corona virus, provided that a PCR analysis is carried out in Tunisia after Three days from reaching it.


Foreign travelers are not permitted into Iraqi territory until further notice.


The Mauritanian authorities have not yet taken a decision to reopen the airport for commercial flights.

Asian Countries:


New Delhi:

– Airports will be opened to commercial flights on June 25, 2020.

Diplomats, businessmen, health care professionals, engineers, and medical researchers are allowed on board chartered or commercial aircraft that are not scheduled.


– Airports were opened for domestic flights only, not commercial ones.

– Foreigners are not allowed to enter yet.


– The international airport of the Sultanate of Brunei is closed until now.


– Schedules of domestic and foreign trips will be resumed in the month of October.

Foreigners are not allowed to enter until August 31, 2020, except for diplomats.

Foreign travelers are required to obtain a Corona examination certificate no later than three days before they enter the country, and upon arrival at Corona, they are subject to an examination, and a home quarantine is imposed for a period of 14 days.

– The foreign traveler is required to download an electronic application on their mobile phones, which is a government application through which the government continues to visit people to shops and public and commercial places, so no one is allowed to enter these places before he logs in to it through this program.


The airport was opened on 1/4/2020.

– Foreigners are allowed to enter, provided that certain conditions and procedures are adhered to, including one to bring a certificate free from the Corona pandemic 3 days before, at the latest, confirming that they are free of the disease.

– Arrivals must adhere to the home quarantine for a period of 14 days, with the necessity of depositing a refundable amount of 3 thousand USD in order to be spent on examination procedures and other expenses.


The closure of the airports has been extended until 5/7/2020.

No foreign traveler is allowed to enter until the airport is reopened.


Foreign travelers are not allowed to enter Kazakhstan yet, except for diplomats.

All arrivals must undergo a PCR examination for the Coronavirus.


The international airport of Bhutan is closed for commercial flights.

Foreigners are not permitted, with the exception of diplomats and residents.


The airports are still closed to commercial flights.


Manila airport was not closed to international commercial flights. As for the rest of the airports, they were closed from the beginning of the Corona crisis to date.

The Philippines does not currently allow foreigners to enter its territory, but it does grant exceptions to the following categories (diplomats – foreigners with permanent residence – foreigners who are Filipino first-degree).


– The airport in Quanzhou has not been closed since the beginning of the Coruna epidemic, but precautionary measures and checks have been tightened for those coming to the city and entry only for Chinese and for foreigners with valid visas to visit China and urgent visas to supply tools and equipment for protection from the virus in addition to holders of residence Precaution.

– Precautions are applied to arrivals, including temperature measurement and testing for DNA upon arrival, with suspects being isolated in special places and subject to institutional quarantine upon arrival at the visitor’s expense.


– The airports for commercial flights were gradually opened on 10/6/2020.

Foreign travelers have been allowed to enter the country since the airport’s opening date for commercial flights, and arrivals will be examined by thermal cameras.

– In the event that one of the passengers is suspected or confirmed injured, the traveler will abide by the home stone for a period of 14 days.

There are no prerequisites for allowing foreigners to enter.



– Bucharest Airport has been reopened partially for commercial flights since 15/5/2020.

– Arrivals are subjected to checks at the airport, with the need to pledge to adhere to the home quarantine for a period of 14 days.


– At the present time only citizens of the European Union and residing in Switzerland are permitted to enter it.


Foreign travelers are not permitted to enter the Hungarian lands, with the exception of students and patients.

– Examination of arrivals at the airport, or by obtaining a certificate of freedom from modern Corona.

Czech Foreign travelers who are citizens of European Union countries are only allowed, with the exception of citizens of Belgium, Britain, Portugal and Sweden, where their citizens must present an examination certificate proving that they are free from Corona.