The General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular, today, Monday, to allow the Ministry of Health staff, who are stranded abroad, to return to the country.

The circular included the names of doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators who are allowed to return to the country.
Al-Rai learned through informed sources that the return of health personnel, including doctors, nurses, and technicians to Kuwait, is subject to the names circulated in coordination between the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of Civil Aviation.

The sources indicated that the return of the families of the medical staff during the current period and before the date of the first of August will be in the case of being with the person who works in the Ministry of Health outside Kuwait, taking into account the degree of kinship specified in the circulars issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation, and the presence of their residence in Kuwait .

The sources noted that in the event that the medical personnel are located inside Kuwait, and their families are stuck abroad, the decision does not apply to them and do not benefit from it, and they can return with the commencement of the decision to return commercial aviation on the first of August, according to the procedures and conditions set by the authorities.