while the end of the academic year for grades one through eleven has become almost settled, as it is expected to be announced during the next few days, the statistics of the educational districts that were sent to the general education sector yesterday revealed a high percentage of 12-year students participating in the distance education platform, which touched the 95 percent of the total number of students allowed to enroll.

In the context, the newspaper learned from its sources the high participation rate of male and female students who are entitled to register in the educational platform, who number 31 thousand students in the twelfth grade, explaining that the educational districts sent statistics yesterday, numbers of students who were registered and activated their accounts, as well as the number of schools and volunteer teachers To work on the platform.

Statistics of the educational district of Hawalli, of which the newspaper obtained a copy, indicated that the number of students enrolled in the platform in schools affiliated to the region reached 3587 students from the scientific and literary departments out of 3781 who are entitled to register, explaining that the number of students of the scientific section registered in the platform reached 2357 students. While the number of students of the literary section registered in the platform reached 1,230 students.

The statistic stated that the number of volunteer teachers who registered in the podium in the Hawalli region reached 784 male and female teachers who are studying twelfth grade, with 411 male school teachers and 373 female school teachers, noting that the total of secondary schools in Hawalli education reached 60 schools.

In a related context, educational sources confirmed that most schools have adopted virtual class schedules for the educational platform as they are approved by the school director after agreeing with the teachers and arranging the schedules to suit the interests of students and taking into account the conditions of teachers while adhering to the relative weight of the study materials, pointing out that the work of the platform will be mandatory For students and teachers after the date of August 9, which is the predetermined date for the return of the study, either traditional or electronic.