The Civil Service Bureau resumes the registration of job seekers for the period 71 for employment automatically through its website, which extends until 17 of the current month, where the current registration period is the second after the success of the first experiment electronically last March, which applied the condition of divergence and lack of crowds before the spread of the new Corona virus .

The Bureau sought to develop its services and fully automate it, as it is considered the backbone of the government apparatus, in a step towards an electronic government without paper, correspondents or auditors. , Thus ending the job seekers ’review of the government sector, with the exception of two cases of researchers; The first case is for those who wish to withdraw from the central employment system and the other for those who wish a certificate to whom it may concern and both require personal attendance.

Unemployed registration

The “newspaper” toured the Diwan to follow up on the electronic registration process, on the one hand, and on the other hand, reviewed the mechanism for receiving the auditors after the return of working hours.

In this context, Ibrahim Al-Hajri, Director of the Manpower Registration Department at the Civil Service Bureau revealed that unemployed persons who are waiting for the equivalence of their educational certificates can be registered from the Ministry of Higher Education, indicating that the Bureau maintains registration rights until the completion of the equivalence process procedures, and then the unemployed Communicate with the Bureau and attach the equation to the registration department via email designated to complete the registration process even after the registration period has ended.

Al-Hajri explained that the automated registration process was approved some time ago, as it proved successful, which made the Bureau continue the registration mechanism through the “online”, following that the application of electronic registration before the spread of the Corona pandemic helped in a large percentage in the application of social divergence and the lack of contention of auditors in the registration hall as it was Previously made.

He stated that since last March the Bureau registered more than 7800 job seekers in the previous period in the first experience of electronic registration and the process appeared smooth and accessible, following that the current registration period is exceptional with the return of work with the lowest percentage of employees, which does not exceed 30% under the circumstances General, which reduces the number of employees supervising registration in the administration.

Al-Hajri explained that the registration process and its approval does not take a maximum of 10 minutes if all the documents are available, noting that the arrival of a text message to the job seeker after registration indicates the completion of the registration process and not setting an appointment to review the Bureau.