Informed sources at the Ministry of Electricity and Water revealed that there are unremitting efforts from the leaders of the ministry to achieve the demands of the workers in the ministry, through coordination with the various state agencies. The sources told Al-Jarida that these demands are equal to pollution allowances for all workers in a polluted environment, equal risk allowance, fixed food and constant salary in the salary certificate, and equal equality in bonus compensation for new recruits and the approval of hard work.

In a related context, the Ministry of Electricity and Water will resume next Wednesday conducting written tests for supervisory positions, after the ministry has obtained the approval of the Ministry of Health to conduct tests for candidates for these jobs.

Informed sources added that the ministry will resume next Wednesday conducting the tests, to continue daily without interruption until August 3, to cover 44 vacant supervisory positions, confirming the minister’s keenness. Khaled al-Fadil to house all vacant supervisory positions with national cadres that deserve to be filled, to advance production.

The sources pointed out that the ministry will start starting next Sunday, or the next, at the latest, at the announcement of vacant supervisory positions that had not previously been announced, indicating that the ministry will announce those jobs through its website, and the application will also be available to employees online, To reduce the number who will go to the Ministry to submit applications.