The arabic local newspaper alrai reported thatThe Inspection Department of Farwaniya at the Food and Nutrition General Authority closed a cheese shop in one of the cooperative societies in Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, in violation of health requirements and specifications.

The Director of the Department, Sattam Al-Jalal, stated in a statement to “Al-Rai” the implementation of the decision to close the store following previous violations, stressing that one of the Authority’s original competencies according to its establishment law No. 112 of 2013 is the inspection and control of food establishments and their licenses and workers ’licenses and ensuring the integrity of the food material and its conformity to specifications And health requirements.

Al-Jalal pointed to taking legal measures against the store and implementing the closure decision after it became clear to management inspectors that the shop was not in compliance with health requirements and hygiene standards.