“I ran away and I thought it would not be released.” Thus was the mouthpiece of the residents of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Al-Mahboula yesterday morning, after removing the roadblocks around the two areas, marking the end of the isolation period that was imposed for 3 months due to the increase in the incidence of new cases of coronavirus.

And the movement of entry and exit came again based on the decision of the Council of Ministers last week, to add appearances of joy and joy to the faces of adults and children, with the return of life and breathing as is the case in all regions of the country.

A number of residents described yesterday as a feast for them, and they considered that the period they spent in isolation was not some months but rather lean years, during which many people, especially those who used to move and work at daily wages, suffered, indicating that the scenes of ending the territorial isolation gradually It gives a positive feeling for the return of normal life, which everyone looks forward to, but it is a stage that requires caution and adherence to all health requirements to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Al-Jarida” toured the streets of Jleeb and some of the streets of Mahboula to monitor the reactions, where Ahmed Moez said that most of the workers are breathing freedom again, adding that isolating Jleeb was not suitable for many residents for 3 months, which affected their lives.

Moez mentioned that he works in the field of construction with daily wages and had no way out of the crisis except to be patient until the isolation ends, following that “Corona” put many people in a psychological crisis, but it will pass and become a memory.

Eid … and a living

For his part, Hussein Adly expressed his happiness that things gradually returned to their condition after a long crisis that paralyzed the world’s movement, saying that lifting the isolation is a feast day and starting work and finding a livelihood as the population relied mainly on aid distributed in the region.

Adly explained that the life inside the Jilib was very miserable during the 3 months, which increased the suffering of the people in addition to the crisis of the epidemic, wishing that health would continue for all and that all activities would be reopened after losing a lot of their work.

Great injustice

In turn, Awad al-Shammari stated that he was able to enter the area to see his property and fill the need of the landlords, saying that he was waiting for the moment since the decision to lift the isolation was announced as he could not enter.

Al-Shammari stated that it is a big mistake and injustice to isolate the two regions throughout this period. All those who live in them have jobs, indicating that the movement can return to the areas that were isolated, wishing the end of the epidemic crisis so that people would live as they were before.

In turn, the child Abdullah Jamil expressed his happiness at ending the isolation, saying that he wanted to go shopping and get out a little from the area. Jameel added that he is awaiting the opening of parks, allowing children to enter associations and markets, and returning to play with other children.

The municipality is monitoring

In parallel to the gradual return to normal life in Jleeb and Al-Mahboula, the Kuwait Municipality is monitoring the random markets and itinerant vendors, where sources in the municipality expected that after the regional isolation from the two regions is lifted and with the expectation that it will be lifted from Farwaniya, it is possible to return these markets in abundance, especially after the high unemployment rate in Those areas, stressing that the municipality is preparing through its supervisory bodies to stop this phenomenon.