Today, Monday, the General Administration of Customs decided to exempt goods imported into the country at a value of 100 dinars or less from customs duties.
The director of the technical office administration at “Customs” and the head of the fact-finding committee for courier fees Mona Al-Rashidi told Kuwait News Agency that the administration issued this exemption with customs instructions No. (94/2020) according to specific controls and conditions.
Al-Rashidi stated that the decision comes according to the recommendation of the “Fact-Finding” committee and according to Law (42/2013) to agree to Kuwait’s adherence to the amended “Kyoto” agreement and the General Supplement without prejudice to all the laws in force in the country, noting that the implementation of it will start from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. .
She indicated that this recommendation is the beginning of several recommendations that the committee devoted to its studies and limited it to find solutions and reconsideration of the procedures followed in a way that serves the citizen and the resident in cooperation with the business partners and the relevant bodies with which the committee works to put in place a mechanism for personal shipments.

She stated that the committee seeks to clarify the procedures followed and publish all the fees that take place, confirming the readiness to receive complaints and proposals, whether in personal presence after reserving an appointment on the website or by calling the number 2495559

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