The Minister of Justice and the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Adviser Dr. Fahd Al-Afasy, a decision on the resumption of Friday prayers in mosques, in which he outlined the rules for the return of Friday prayers as required by the public interest by adhering to the conditions that must be provided in light of the continuation of the Corona virus.

And the decision stated: “The doors of the mosques shall be opened for Friday prayers half an hour before the second call to prayer, and closed after a quarter of an hour after the end of the prayer. The length of the sermon and the prayer shall be limited to a period of no more than 15 minutes as a maximum, with attenuation of the prayer and taking into account the fulfillment of the pillars and duties.”

The decision stressed that workers in the mosques that were identified to hold Friday prayers starting from next Friday, numbering 1011 mosques in various governorates, the need to organize the process of entering and leaving the worshipers, and setting the markers to determine their location during the prayer according to health requirements, and to keep the doors of the mosque open during entry and exit to avoid touching the doors And sterilizing door handles and mosque entrances with disinfectants, with confirmation that the preacher reminds of the health and preventive safety conditions, including the necessity of physical spacing between worshipers, wearing mask and warning not to come to the mosque for those who show symptoms of the disease.

Adhere to procedures

He explained that «mosque goers must adhere to several procedures, including ablution in the home, bring each worshiper his own rug and not leave it in the mosque, wear the mask and continue to wear it during the worshiper’s stay and during the sermon and prayer until he leaves the mosque, as well as sterilizing the hands before entering and after leaving From the mosque, and that the worshiper put his carpet according to the signs indicated in the mosque, and adhere to the physical spacing before and after the prayer, and avoid shaking hands and juxtaposition with the other worshipers before and after the prayer ».

The decision also stated that Friday prayers will continue to be held at the Grand Mosque, with all health requirements being met, provided that the sermon and prayers are transmitted on Kuwait TV.

Article 9 of the decision affirmed that “anyone who violates the provisions of this decision exposes himself to legal accountability, and in the event that the worshipers fail to comply with the procedures stipulated in this decision, it will be necessary to re-close the mosque in order to preserve their safety.”

Re-close mosques where worshipers do not observe precautionary measures.