The fishermen are preparing to start the fishing season for Al-Zubaidi in the territorial waters tomorrow, where they hope that the period of stopping the fishing of Al-Zubaidi has provided large quantities of water to revive the local fish market, and fulfill the desires of consumers with the return of “Al-Zubaidi” to Kuwaiti tables, as it is expected that Tomorrow will see a good turnout and a return to auctions in the coming days, with the move to the third stage of the gradual return to life.

However, fishermen still face problems and difficulties in adapting to the procedures and decisions issued this year, which many consider are not in the interest of the local fishing sector, especially after long-term cessation of fishing according to the precautionary measures, which resulted in a decline in fishing during the past months, after imposing The comprehensive ban, along with decisions to close down fish markets and auctions related to it.

There is no doubt that the first test of the return of local fishing in the current year after the spread of the epidemic was with the opening of the mid-season hunting season, which showed the difficulties faced by fishermen in providing large quantities of mid-fish, with shy attempts to display small quantities of local fish in the market, where they return The main reasons for this are the lack of fish auctions, and the continued presence of many fishermen outside the country, as well as some decisions, including the decision of the General Authority for the Environment to stop importing types of fishing boats, with the use of environmentally friendly fishing boats with specific specifications, which caused dissatisfaction with the Fishermen Union, He described them as incapable decisions, which would eliminate the fishing profession and the migration of fishermen, so that thousands of Kuwaitis who had hunting licenses and their families would be affected.Many fishermen believe that the continuation of the local market situation with its dependence on the importer will not support the fishermen in providing large quantities of local fish, especially as the coming month will witness the entry of the shrimp fishing season, which may greatly affect the shortage of the crop, which leads to higher prices On the consumer, for fantastic prices.