The Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that The Ministry of Education announced the launch of a service related to renewal of residence permits for its employees through the official website of the Ministry.

In this context, the ministry made clear yesterday through an introductory video of the new service that the service to submit residence renewal requests for all expatriate workers in the ministry has been activated from educational and administrative bodies explaining that the application is through a special link within the ministry’s official website

he said that the employee submits the application through the site and raises the required papers and documents without the need to submit Form No. (1), as this condition has been canceled, noting that the application is subject to scrutiny and review by the competent authorities in the ministry and the educational region without the need to review the employee to the region and then be Approval of it and setting a date for review in the General Education Bureau to complete the renewal procedures and pay the fees through the KNET card, pointing out that the introduction of the electronic system will contribute to reducing and easing the process of renewing the residency for education workers.

They stressed the necessity for the employees of the Ministry to follow these procedures when requesting the renewal of residency, pointing out that no employee will be received for renewal who did not follow the new procedures and obtain approval and a prior date because these procedures were established to control the renewal process and verify the data and job status of the person before starting the residence procedure.