The Minister of Works, Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Dr. Rana Al-Faris revealed a brush of 164 km on the main and express roads since the beginning of the partial ban period with the beginning of the Corona crisis until now.

Al Faris, through a video posted on her official account, reviewed the business report that took place during the partial and total ban periods at the level of 8 major roads in the country, noting that in 2020 there were 192 km of highways brushed, including 28 km before the ban and 164 during the ban compared to 84 brushes. How many during the year 2019 are works implemented by the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport. She stated that work is currently under way on 23 new projects to modernize the country’s road network, which are projects that follow the implementation management of the authority other than the maintenance projects that are related to the brush operations

n the level of the interior regions implemented by the maintenance engineering sector in the Ministry of Works, Al Fares said that maintenance work is taking place at the level of 48 districts and that 431 km of roads have been laid in those areas since the start of the development plan in April 2019 until June 2020.