Yesterday, the Ministry of Social Affairs, represented by the Legal Affairs Sector, began receiving all grievances and complaints of its employees, via its email ([email protected]), without the need for personal attendance, in implementation of the social divergence policy, and reducing friction between them, in order to preserve Their safety, and not being at risk of infection with the Corona virus.

According to “affairs” sources, in order to ensure that employees ’rights are not lost or subject to any injustice, the Ministry decided to re-receive grievances regarding the non-disbursement of excellent business rewards for the current fiscal year, or low annual assessments, in addition to complaints submitted by employees or their officials, after they were stopped During the past four months, due to the disruption of work in all government departments.

The sources indicated that, after receiving grievances and complaints automatically, they are sorted and classified according to their nature by the Investigations and Contracts Department, which is entrusted with administrative investigations with the Ministry’s employees referred to them for investigation, and examining the submitted grievances, challenging the decisions of an administrative nature, noting that after the completion of the grievance examination phase Or the complaint, the complainant is contacted, and an appointment is made to review the administration and listen to his statements, then the legal procedures that show the employee’s right to complain or complain about it are completed.

Corona Rewards

The sources stressed the need for the complainant or complainant to mention all his job data, signified by his signature, and the phone number to communicate, pointing out that in the event of a request for a review, a prior appointment must be booked through the “Wafi” application, which was recently launched by the Ministry, and concerned with this matter.

To that, the union of workers at the ministry addressed the undersecretary of the necessity of redressing supervisors and specialists working in the Juvenile Welfare Department, lifting the injustice against them, and re-listing them within the second category (a) of high risk in the rewards for the Corona crisis, given their direct mixing with the inmates, and ensuring that some of them are ill “Covid-19”, and the union also asked the agent to set an urgent date for the meeting of the joint committee for labor demands, to discuss the issue of “corona” bonuses, and some other matters of concern to employees.

The Ministry of Social Affairs, represented by the Department of Charitable Societies and Charities, addressed all charitable organizations wishing to participate in the sacrifice donations project for the current year, the necessity of limiting the distribution of sacrifices outside Kuwait, while intensifying the processes of distributing them internally, in implementation of Cabinet decisions issued in this regard.

The Ministry stressed the associations authorized to implement the sacrifices project for this year to adhere to the Council’s decision.