The Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society announced today, Thursday, the distribution of a number of necessary household electrical appliances to 66 needy families in Kuwait.

The director of the local aid department at the Society, Maryam Al-Adsani, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that these devices included refrigerators and air conditioners and distributed to the needy families registered with the association’s statements and according to the priority of need, in order to enhance the principle of social solidarity and community partnership.

Al-Adsani added that the aim of distributing these devices is to relieve the needy families and help them by providing them with better ways of life, stressing that this support is of great importance from the association’s management because it is one of the fruits of cooperation with its partners in charitable work and among the humanitarian projects and programs that are provided to the needy.

She pointed to the projects implemented by the association to improve the standard of living of the groups deserving of distributing food baskets and orphan coupons, explaining that the association will distribute during the coming days the clothes of Eid Al-Adha to needy families.

She emphasized the keenness of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society to extend bridges of humanitarian and charitable cooperation and partnership between it and the benefactors who support its humanitarian efforts to reach their donations to the needy and other segments of society.

Al-Adsani expressed deep thanks to all companies and institutions operating in the country that support humanitarian work, as well as benefactors of citizens and residents who have donated to families in need through the association, stressing the importance of continuing to give them to the success of the local aid program to the fullest.