The Minister of Health Dr. Basil Al-Sabah on the agreement with the civil aviation authorities that the date for implementing the health requirements at Kuwait International Airport, a week before the date of the return of commercial flights, specified on the first of August, and their review to be final.

The Minister asserted, in a statement to Al-Jarida, after his visit to Kuwait International Airport, yesterday, that things are good and stable, and that the visit aimed to ascertain some of the outstanding issues and ensure their completion and the resolution of some points.

He stressed that there is general stability in the conditions of “Covid-19” disease in Kuwait, but he stressed at the same time the need to take care to follow the health requirements of citizens and residents, in order to preserve the health and safety of all.

He renewed the call to citizens and residents not to travel abroad at the present time, due to the unstable epidemiological situation of the disease and the continued spread of HIV infection in a number of countries around the world.

He added that the containment of the virus is everyone’s responsibility, pointing out that complacency in following preventive measures and health requirements will cause more cases.

He stated that the world witnessed the huge increases in the number of injuries in the United States of America, following the protests that followed the killing of George Floyd, and the accompanying failure to follow health requirements.

The Minister of Health stated that those who used to say that the demonstrators do not wear masks and are not keen on following the physical distance and that there are no injuries between them is completely wrong, as these injuries appeared after that in very large numbers, so it is necessary to continue to follow the health requirements.

Yesterday, the Supreme Committee for the Return of Flights at Kuwait International Airport discussed executive procedures to achieve health requirements in the presence of the Minister of Health.

The Supreme Committee, headed by President of “Civil Aviation” Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud, reviewed the guidelines for starting commercial operation in light of the “Covid 19” pandemic.

The committee made a visual presentation to the Minister of Health that included the preparations, which were made during the past days, in the buildings of Kuwait International Airport. The presentation also included the final preparations and equipment to operate commercial flights according to the health requirements required for safe travel.

In another health field, the Director of the Prevention Department of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ahmad Al-Mutawa, during the “Health” press conference regarding Corona injuries yesterday, on imposing violations on non-compliant health conditions during the coming period, with the aim of increasing the level of commitment to those requirements.

The “Health” decision in this regard requires that the obligation to wear a protective mask or cover the nose and mouth in any other way, and any violation, the penalty of which is imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months and a fine not exceeding five thousand dinars, or one of these two penalties.

In conjunction with the activation of fines, the Ministry of Health recorded three new deaths resulting from the complications of “Covid 19” during the past 24 hours and 791 new cases, bringing the total deaths recorded in the country to 402 deaths and injuries 57 thousand and 668 injuries.

In the daily statistical statement, the ministry confirmed the registration of 791 new cases of “Covid 19”, representing 14.9 percent of the number of swabs, pointing to the registration of 459 cases for Kuwaiti citizens, or 58 percent of the total new infections, and 332 cases of other nationalities.

The Ministry of Health stated that the new recovery cases reached 648 cases of the disease, bringing the number of cases that recovered and recovered in the country to 47 thousand and 545 one case, which raises recovery cases to 82.4 percent of the number of injuries recorded in the country. The statement emphasized that the total number of intensive care cases reached 142, indicating that the total of those receiving treatment from active cases amounted to 9721 cases.

Mortality 3 stages

For his part, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad It is not true that reports that the deaths (which are announced by the Ministry of Health as a result of “Covid 19”) may be from other diseases and are recorded as being caused by infection with the Corona virus, stressing that this is immoral, legal or professional.

Dr. said. The bond is that when the death is recorded in the medical records, it is according to the records, diagnosis, and laboratory tests.

He added that all measures taken by the Ministry of Health are against the application of the herd immunity principle, calling for the need to adhere to health requirements at all times, stressing that it is equivalent to vaccination.

He said wearing the mask should be on at all times and even for people who have been infected and recovered from the virus, in order to protect themselves and others.

He added that Kuwait is still in the second stage of the stages of returning to life, and three other stages remain. The return must be with calculated steps and through following health requirements.

He stressed that any breach of health requirements will be followed by a breach in returning to the normal stages of life.

He explained that there is no age group that has immunity to infection with the virus, and that most infections have a history of contact and no introduction of personal protection methods that must be followed.

He pointed out that there is a relative stability in the active cases and deaths in Kuwait. Sindh renewed the call for all citizens and residents not to travel during the coming period, especially as the epidemiological situation is unstable, as the chances of transmission of infection increase with travel.