The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced on Friday, that work permits can be renewed for the employees registered in the files of employers without requiring the salary certificates. The PAM’S director general, Ahmed Al-Mousa, told KUNA that this comes under the directions by the Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam A. Al-Aqeel to encourage the employers to complete the papers related to renewing work permits.

Al-Mousa added that it was decided to allow companies to submit requests to renew the work permits for their employees registered on the employers files without requiring the salary certificates for the workforce. He stressed the endeavor of the PAM to facilitate the procedures for the employer without prejudice to the obligations imposed on the two parties of employment approved by the Labor Law and the decisions implementing it. He thanked Minister Al-Aqeel for her tireless work, her continuous endeavor and her constant eagerness to work to mitigate the effects of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic on the labor market.

Earlier, PAM decided that companies failing to give full salaries to its workers, will be denied the issuance of salary certificates. In addition, the company employers will not obtain permission to participate in any government projects and tenders nor be allowed to complete visa renewals, visa transfers, and add employees for its company.

Companies were also not allowed to force salary deductions on workers as it is considered a violation of the Labor Law.

However, the position changed following an appeal from the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASMEK), who requested the Minister of State for Economic and Social Affairs, Mariam A. Al-Aqeel, that given the difficulties facing small companies due to the coronavirus crisis, the demand for salary certificates as part of the residency procedures, to be suspended even if temporarily for 6 months, until new legislation was introduced and conditions were amended.

The representative said that all enterprises are suffering and are struggling to survive with many having found it difficult to pay salaries, and their predicament was clearly known by the Ministry.