The Public Authority of Industry announced the continuation of the formation of a strategic stockpile of protective masks for a period of 6 months to counter the emerging corona virus.

The “Industry” stated in a statement today that there are more than 5 million km of daily production capacity for 8 local factories and crafts, where there are 522.5 tons of raw materials currently available at industrial facilities and 133 tons of imported raw materials to increase production capacity, * noting Since the beginning of the crisis, there was only one factory for manufacturing masks, and now there are 9 factories

The “Industry” indicated that it has supported the national factories by facilitating the approvals process for the industrial establishments to produce the basic material for the production of sleeves, pointing out that the production of raw materials for protective sleeves began days ago, indicating that they are sparing no effort in providing the strategic stock needed for citizens and residents to confront the Corona virus and its dependencies in cooperation With the youth of Kuwait in the industrial sector and other sectors.

Al-Sina’a added that these factories came in coordination with the Ministry of Health to obtain conformity to the product specifications and requirements

She stressed that the industrial sector plays a prominent role in the face of mitigating the impact of crises as a basic and effective solution, by emphasizing the commitment to purchase government requirements from local factories for their full requirements.

The “Industry” stressed the support of the local product globally by allowing the export to exceed the country’s need to continue covering the operational cost and spread, noting the formation of a strategic stock under government supervision and care within 3 months by providing warehouses for sterilizers and masks at government stores.