Twitter may face a heavy fine from US regulators after hacking into several prominent accounts including former President Barack Obama and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The Federal Trade Commission will review whether Twitter violated the 2010 settlement that resolved allegations that the company failed to protect consumer information in a 2009 hack, according to a person familiar with the matter, as the 2009 incident was similar to the last, Bloomberg reported. .

“The commission may initiate a new investigation or file a complaint against Twitter for violating the terms of its current agreement,” said David Vladik, law professor at Georgetown University, who was director of the FTC’s consumer protection office at the time of the previous breakout.

The FTC agreement lasts for 20 years, giving the committee an opportunity to check whether Twitter violated the agreement by misleading consumers about its security protections, and the FTC does not have the power to impose a fine on companies to deceive consumers unless the company is subject Already settled for a list. Last year, the Federal Trade Agency agreed to a record $ 5 billion privacy compromise with Facebook to resolve the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. This fine resulted from Facebook’s failure to comply with a previous agreement with the agency. Twitter, who declined to comment, is already facing an investigation from the FBI in San Francisco and the New York Attorney General’s office, Leticia James, who said the hack raises serious concerns about data security and how platforms such as Twitter can be used to hurt the public debate.

A FTC case against Twitter a decade ago was the first of its kind against a social network, and Twitter as part of the agreement had to have an independent auditor to assess its security practices every two years for a period of 10 years, and it needed to name an information security officer and make assessments Risk and security controls.

Laura Gehl, global head of privacy and cyber security practices at McDermott Well & Emery law firm, said that companies that violate FTC agreements tend to see fines or more enforcement actions the second time, confirming the FTC can do more With Twitter, especially given that the company has experienced other cyber security incidents since its settlement. And the most famous accounts of people or international companies on Twitter were subjected to a huge piracy operation that was considered the largest in the history of the platform extending from March 21, 2006, which is the day of launching this global application to the general public