The Arabic local news paper Aljarida reported thatThe head of the Union of Owners of Recruitment Agencies for Domestic Workers Khaled Al-Dokhnan confirmed that the decision to resume operating commercial flights at Kuwait Airport, as of early August, will not include the recruitment of new domestic workers from abroad, in light of the continued suspension of visas by the Ministry of Interior, pointing out that the market Work suffers from a shortage of domestic workers, especially with the absence of new labor for nearly 7 months.

Al-Dakhnan told Al-Jarida that the federation officially addressed the Interior Ministry by reopening the door for recruitment visas, in line with the partial operation of trips by 30 percent, indicating that until now no response has been received from the ministry, and the visas are still suspended, indicating that most of the domestic workers Those in the country currently have their work contracts expired and wish to return to their countries.

Recruitment rates

Regarding the increase in recruitment prices, given the scarcity of domestic labor that the market suffers from, due to the Corona pandemic crisis, and what preceded it by the Philippines issuing a decision to stop sending its workers to Kuwait and its retirement from it. As long as the prices of travel tickets are within reasonable limits. ”

Al-Smokhan revealed that the federation addressed the Public Authority for Manpower, represented in the Department of Recruitment and Use of Domestic Workers, regarding automatic renewal of expired office licenses, similar to some agencies, appealing to the “workforce” to exempt offices from the medical examination requirement for renewal due to the current circumstances.