Informed government sources revealed to Al-Qabas 3 scenarios to deal with the third stage of the plan for the return of life, which the Council of Ministers is studying in its meeting today to adopt one of them.

The sources said that the three scenarios presented were subject to evaluation and opinion of the medical team and the Minister of Health Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, adding: The first of these is to move to the third stage while maintaining the current partial ban and dismantle it after the Eid.

The sources stated that the second scenario is the transition to the third stage in its current date without current amendment, which means lifting the partial ban. As for the last scenario, it is to postpone the transition to the third stage until immediately after the Eid, indicating that all possibilities are contained, and what the Ministry deems appropriate Health is appropriate according to indicators of epidemic transmission and infection rates. According to the sources, the medical team evaluated the transition stage through several health criteria and indicators, the most important of which are the number of injuries in intensive care and the number of deaths, and the extent of the disease in hospitals and in the country, and not in certain areas.

The sources concluded that the advanced European countries in the health field opened the stages, but they went back because of the re-spread of the virus, which led to the return of the stages again, which the health authorities are keen to avoid.    Top proposals 1- It starts on the 21st of this date 2- Adopting it with a ban that will be lifted after the holiday 3-  Postponing it until after “Al-Adha”   Life return plan Council of Ministers