The Ministry of Health continues to intensify its preventive measures to deal with the developments of the Corona virus, by securing and enhancing drug stocks and medical supplies for a long period, in light of the expectations that the virus will continue until next year.

Informed sources confirmed that the ministry recently obtained regulatory approvals for importing medicines, supplies and medical devices soon, at a cost of 22.8 million dinars, to treat separate diseases, such as diabetes, pressure, cancer, respiratory, nervous and digestive diseases, blood diseases and others. The sources added to Al-Qabas that among the devices that will be imported are 40 medical devices and their accessories for use in intensive care departments, in addition to solutions and consumables for examining therapeutic drugs in medical laboratories, as well as consumables for analyzing blood gases, stressing the importance of such devices and supplies during the current time, to ensure The absence of any obstacles in the level of health care.

The sources indicated that anti-fungal drugs will also be imported, and they are used to treat fungal infections from the scalp, body, feet, and nails. She said that the choice of drugs is carried out according to periodic monitoring from department heads and ministry officials directly, pointing to the stability of the stock of supplies for medical masks, clothes and protective masks Corona virus. Corona developments On the other hand, “Corona” injuries decreased significantly yesterday, registering only 300 injuries, which is the lowest number in months. The total number of cases registered in the country rose to 59,204 cases, while death cases were recorded as a result of the disease, bringing the total number of deaths recorded until yesterday to 408 cases .

The spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad: Among the previous cases that were found to be in contact with cases of confirmed cases and others under search for the source of infection and examination of those in contact with it. Al-Sanad said that the previous 300 cases included 211 cases of Kuwaiti citizens, 70.33%, and 89 cases of non-Kuwaitis, or 29.67%. Area injuries As for the distribution of injuries according to health districts, he explained that they came by 107 in Ahmadi, 57 in Farwaniya, 49 in Jahra, 45 in the capital, and 42 in Hawalli. And about the latest developments in the intensive care departments, he pointed out that the number of those receiving medical care inside them reached 132 cases, bringing the total of all cases that were confirmed to have Covid 19 disease and still receiving the necessary medical care 9,109 cases. He stated that the total of those who ended the period of compulsory institutional quarantine within 24 hours reached 10 people after performing all preventive measures and making sure that all samples are free of the virus, provided that they complete a period of not less than 14 days in the compulsory domestic quarantine, as of the date of leaving the stone center Institutional. Volume 0%   He indicated that the number of smears that were performed within 24 hours reached 2009, bringing the total number of checks to 459,349. The bond renewed the call of citizens and residents to continue to take all means of prevention and avoid contact with others and to take care to implement the strategy of physical separation, recommending a visit to the official accounts of the Ministry of Health and the official authorities in the country to review the instructions and recommendations and everything that would contribute to contain the spread of the virus. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health had announced earlier yesterday that 667 injuries had been cured during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cured cases of “Covid 19” to 49,687 cases. Medicinal inventory Ministry of Health You may also like