The Charity Survival Society continued its efforts in helping the affected people of “Corona” from needy families and expatriate workers, as it distributed 11,500 food baskets and 5,000 bags of bread in the areas of Al Farwaniyah and Jleeb since the beginning of this month.

Omar Al-Thuwaini, head of the Resources, Public Relations and Media section of the Charitable Salvation Association, said: We have been keen since the beginning of the crisis to provide all kinds of support to those affected by needy families, communities, and workers.

Regarding the association’s efforts during the month of July, Al-Thuwaini explained that 7,360 food parcels and 5,000 thousand bags of bread were distributed in Al Farwaniyah, in addition to 4,160 food parcels in the Jleeb area, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Relief Society.

Al-Thuwaini praised the Kuwaiti youth, whether they work in the Al-Najat Charitable Society, or the participants in the voluntary teams, who provide assistance to those who are entitled to in all areas of Kuwait, and draw a wonderful national painting expressing their love for Kuwait with deeds in times of crisis.

He stressed the importance of the role of the Ministry of Interior during the provision of aid to workers and communities, where special forces men supervise the organization, and they are not satisfied with that but rather contribute to distributing food in a good spirit that is not strange to them.
Al-Thuwaini concluded by thanking the Ministry of Affairs, headed by Minister Maryam Al-Aqil, for her constant follow-up to all charitable activities and projects, and for the unlimited support she provides to Kuwaiti charities.