The competent authorities in the Ministry of Education have finished preparing and preparing a plan for training male and female teachers on the use of electronic education platforms, which is scheduled to be launched within the next few days.

The sources said that the plan will be discussed with the ministry’s leaders and approved, and then start implementing it soon, pointing out that the ministry seeks to take advantage of the time in the required training operations.

They added that the training will include at the present time secondary school teachers urgently, and then the transition will be made to middle and primary teachers, indicating that the training will include all teachers of the Ministry of Education at various levels of education.

They added that the ministry has adopted a strategy to take advantage of electronic and digital applications to develop its work and find modern solutions for educational services, which it provides for students, so that alternative means of traditional education are provided permanently and continuously, in anticipation of any emergency that may occur in the future, and not only in order to deal with the crisis of «Corona ».

With regard to the educational platform, the sources confirmed that the Ministry is in the process of transferring the educational content on the platform to the educational portal, where learning resources will be transferred from video files, audio files and documents related to the PDF study materials, indicating that all files are preserved and none of them will be lost.

They pointed out that the ministry has provided special “servers” servers in the new building since its startup in January 2019, when a special room has been put in place for the servers of up to 8, operating according to the latest electronic systems.