Yesterday, Kuwait set an unprecedented record in the history of electrical loads, with a temperature exceeding 51 degrees Celsius, when the index scored 14.760 MW, a difference of 340 MW from the highest electrical load recorded last summer.

Yesterday, during the peak period, the Ministry of Electricity and Water lived through a state of alert and readiness to monitor the electrical network, in anticipation of any urgent problems to be dealt with first-hand to ensure that the current reaches the general consumer around the clock without interruption.

Commenting on the situation, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Electric Power and Water Distillation Sector, Eng. Khalifa Al-Fareej told Al-Rai that there is a surplus in the rate of electrical production, with an estimated amount of 1370 MW from the electrical load that was recorded yesterday.
In a separate context, the Ministry of Electricity and Water addressed the Central Authority for Tenders, to complete the documents for the competitors in a tender for the construction, completion and maintenance of two ground tanks of reinforced concrete for fresh water, each with a capacity of 85 million gallons imperial in the West Fnaitees region with the works attached to them Complex No. 3 the second.

The sources indicated that the Authority, in turn, agreed to complete these documents for the second and third tenders, in accordance with the provisions of Article No. 40 of the Public Tenders Law 49/2016, and to provide the device with the recommendation. He also agreed to the bidders ’request to extend the initial insurance for all companies participating in the tender in accordance with the law Tenders.
The sources pointed out that the aim of these reservoirs is to provide fresh water for new residential areas and increase the strategic stock of water, given that the service of providing water is one of the main services that the state seeks to provide for infrastructure in new areas that depend on it for urban expansion, providing adequate housing for citizens, and facing density Population in the country.

On the other hand, representatives of the Ministry of Electricity and Water met with the technical team in the Central Authority for Tenders to discuss the Ministry’s recommendation regarding its recommendation to award a tender for the supply of 200,000 smart electric meters at the lowest prices.
Informed sources said, “The members of the technical team made clear to the representatives of the Ministry some of the notes included in the offer submitted by the owner of the lowest prices, even after the Ministry completed the deficiencies that were previously present in his offer, according to the instructions of the device.”
The sources stated that the technical team of the device gave the Ministry of Electricity and Water a deadline to respond to the observations that were monitored in the bidder with the lowest price