The Ministry of Social Affairs, represented in the cooperation sector, has finalized its perceptions regarding the procedures for holding general assemblies in cooperatives, which concluded that it is necessary to hold them in personal presence under the current circumstances, with the need to observe the health requirements approved by the Council of Ministers according to the health guideline, and raise the cooperation sector, A representative in the Department of Membership Affairs and the Declaration of Cooperative Associations and Federations, a note in this perception to the Under-Secretary to take what he deems appropriate regarding it.

According to the memorandum, of which the newspaper obtained a copy, it became necessary to develop a plan under the current circumstances of holding the generalities, taking the precautionary and precautionary measures put in place by the health authorities, and applying the guidelines regarding the choice of place and the availability of health requirements by the shareholders to ensure that no outbreaks Corona virus infection and its spread among them, by sterilizing the location of the public meeting one day before its contract and submitting a statement to that effect to the competent department, and preventing the shareholder from entering the location of the public contract in the event that he did not adhere to the health authorities ’instructions not to wear a mask and gloves, or if it was found Through examination by specialized measuring cameras, it will be provided by the Ministry of Health in coordination with cooperatives.

Preventing food and drinks

The Ministry also identified a number of preventive measures that would prevent the contributors ’lives from being exposed to the risk of infection with the virus, including providing sterilization tools inside and outside the public contract place, and preventing the association from distributing light foods and drinks, except for mineral water, as well as the need to adhere to the social spacing inside and outside the public contract place By placing ground marks for the separation between the shareholders of not less than two meters, whether during the entrance to the meeting or when sitting on the seats allocated in the place of the public holding, the committee supervising the public also has the right to remove any contributor that is not committed to health requirements during the meeting.

Disabled and pregnant women … are forbidden

The Ministry considered its perceptions of the generalities not to receive the shareholders of the handicapped and pregnant women who suffer from chronic and serious diseases and whose age exceeds 55 years, and stressed on the boards of directors the necessity of publishing ads in order to educate and educate the shareholders of the need to not compete and reduce the number of attendees during the general meeting as possible in order to preserve The safety of the shareholders and the supervisory bodies of the representatives of the ministries of the Interior, Health and Affairs, and the association should, during placing the announcement of the date of the public meeting, prepare a pre-statement for those who wish to attend, in order to prepare and coordinate between the association and the shareholders about the attendance mechanism, and the Ministry has the right to alert the chairperson to commit to discussing the agenda items Businesses for the general assembly and not to depart from it.

The online session

The Ministry stressed the need to apply the attendance procedures according to the law and to hold general assemblies and adhere to them, because it is not possible to hold them online (because of the absence of a legal text authorizing this.

The boards of directors were obligated to announce the date of the general assembly in two daily newspapers and to provide it with a list showing the names of the shareholders who are entitled to vote, as well as auditing offices, stating in the announcement the need to adhere to health requirements, and in the event of non-compliance with them, the shareholder is prevented from attending the public, and thus personal attendance has become The members of the public office and Juba, as the founders, are the ones who determine the percentage of the profits to be distributed, as it is an inherent right of the general assembly that does not enter the ministry in it.

The Ministry indicated that the current circumstances require the formation of a committee to oversee the procedures for holding general assemblies, it is proposed to form it from the relevant authorities, which are the ministries of health, interior, affairs and the Federation of Associations, provided that its most important functions are to supervise the implementation of the health guide in cooperation with the aforementioned authorities.Failure to hold “generalities” that restricts “cooperatives”

Several matters related to the lack of holding general assemblies in cooperatives and causing them to be restricted, namely the failure to distribute profits to eligible shareholders, the association’s inability to exchange from the social services item and the marketing festivals item, as well as the failure to approve the annual financial and administrative reports, and not to pay the remuneration of members of the boards of directors. In order to avoid all of this, the Ministry was keen to set its scenarios for holding generalities in accordance with the aforementioned controls and requirements.Association of Associations: attendance is subject to pre-booking and spacing

The Federation of Cooperative Societies addressed the ministry on June 25th, demanding the resumption of the generalities contract according to the following conditions: that the association take a procedure for its generalities taking into account adherence to the health requirements and social separation during attendance, and the union specified a mechanism for attendance and entry of shareholders through the system of automatic reservation prior to the Ministry of Commerce, That the general assembly be held in one of the community development halls or external squares, and each association distributes its profits to its shareholders as long as it has made profits for the ending fiscal year.