The Arabic local news paper Aljarida reported that The Public Authority for Manpower announced that, in order to facilitate the business owners and private companies, the transactions for renewing work permits and the need assessment transactions for the files of the business owners will be allowed without the requirement to submit a salary transfer certificate (salary) until the end of the current year.

The authority clarified that the employer must submit an application via the automated service (easier), and acknowledge and pledge stating his commitment to provide a statement of employment wages registered on his file whenever requested, pointing out that the declarations are available on the authority’s website.

And the General Authority for Manpower announced yesterday receiving requests for salary certificates for more than 50 workers and reviewing the deficiencies.

The authority said, in a press release, that the reception of requests will be by contacting the WhatsApp number 50983891 of the Central Labor Inspection Department, the Payroll Department (Al-Ahly).

She pointed out that this step comes to facilitate the employers to complete the transactions related to issuing salary certificates for more than 50 workers.