he General Administration of Relations and Security Media of the Ministry of Interior confirmed that the traffic and operations sector continues to monitor traffic violations committed by some truck drivers, through campaigns on highways, as part of efforts to limit the spread of recklessness, frivolity, and neglect in driving vehicles and trucks, which cause many From accidents.

She stressed, in a statement yesterday, that the traffic and operations sector will not tolerate the application of the law to violators, and calls on motorists to abide by traffic laws, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of road goers, and not to endanger their lives and the lives of others.

The department explained that the campaigns carried out by the traffic and operations sector resulted in the liberalization of a number of violations, including lack of commitment to the right side while driving, lack of attention, expiration of insurance, lack of commitment to cover the load, security and durability, expiration of a driver’s license, and driving trucks with a special license.

And all road users called for the necessity of strict adherence to the safety and security conditions while driving, in order to preserve the safety of all, calling for the necessity of cooperation and informing the traffic authorities of any negative phenomena monitored on the roads of drivers who cause many accidents on the number of “WhatsApp” General Administration of Traffic ( 99324092), or call the emergency phone (112) according to the necessary legal procedures, confirming that the “traffic” deals confidentially with the interactions of service announcements, according to the legal regulations followed.