n the recent commission of the Council of Ministers to the relevant authorities to take all measures that provide temporary and permanent labor housing, and instruct the Ministry of Public Works in coordination with the relevant authorities to follow up on the technical requirements and specifications related to the establishment of labor cities in light of the current reality and future changes in the numbers of employment and an estimate of the need for housing The newspaper learned from its sources that the Public Authority for Manpower, represented in the sector of planning and administrative development, submitted an integrated proposal to the relevant ministerial committee, on the importance of labor cities, their advantages and goals, and some of the proposed temporary sites currently being studied by all relevant authorities, Stressing that there is widespread optimism that this project will see the light soon.

Urgent need

The sources stressed that the establishment of labor cities, especially for employment of government contracts, has become an urgent necessity in light of the current crisis, pointing out that the “workforce” took the initiative and thought about it before the beginning of the crisis.

She explained that there was cooperation between the authority and the municipality of Kuwait to provide lands for the establishment of cities, stressing that their establishment solves many problems related to foreign workers in general, and that are registered on government contracts in particular, pointing out that there are some bodies such as the Petroleum Corporation that have succeeded in building these cities, which are (Campat) is leased to government contract companies.

She stated that there are several meetings held recently in the presence of the ministers of commerce, works, housing, the municipality, and other related parties, to develop perceptions and proposals for each side on the matter, pointing out that the “workforce” is responsible for setting the requirements for cities as they are at least five kilometers away from housing, And after the noise and pollution, indicating that there are sites identified, but it was not decided upon at all.

Its creation contributes to solving problems related to migrant workers, especially those registered with government contracts.