The Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that he Ministry of Education confirmed that private schools are entitled to tuition fees for the year 2020/2019 and the need to pay them by parents, as the ministerial decisions issued obligate the payment of fees to all students who have completed the school year, whether by traditional or remote education.

In this context, the Assistant Undersecretary for Special and Qualitative Education at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Huwaila The private schools’ entitlement to late tuition fees for the current year 2020/2019 according to the eleventh clause of Ministerial Decree No. 2020/14550 to postpone the payment of case and late tuition fees until the end of the school year and the student receives his academic certificate whether it is pursued through means of distance education or Other specific means for completing the school year, pointing out that the ministry has mandated distance education, especially with the continuation of the pandemic.

Al-Huwaila told Al-Jarida that the parents of students who have completed their education through the means of distance education in private schools in all their systems and have received their educational certificates are obliged to pay the costs of their children’s education.

Al-Huwaila explained that many issues related to private schools were discussed for the current academic year 2020/2019 and next year 2021/2020 with the owners of these schools, pointing out that it was agreed that teachers should be present in schools when operating distance education, the importance of following them and ensuring their performance during Virtual classes and provide the requirements for a distance education system.

He stressed that the next distance education stage, whether in August to complete the remainder of the current school year or with the beginning of the next academic year, will be mandatory for all parents, pointing out that the plans for education have become clear and the Ministry of Health instructions do not allow students to return to their academic seats and therefore must From resorting to continuing education through electronic means “because the interest of students requires that education be completed and not stopped for any reason.”

The return of teachers

He stated that “special education” will facilitate the procedures for the return of private school teachers who are stranded abroad, explaining that the competent authorities in the state will be addressed by the Ministry of Interior and the Labor Authority to facilitate the procedures for the return of teachers before the beginning of the school year to ensure the continuity of the work of private schools and provide educational services to our student children, He indicated that he would personally pursue the demands of private schools in this regard.

He stressed that the General Administration of Special Education will not allow complacency in the issue of quality of education, explaining that what happened in the completion of the current academic year for the existence of degrees and educational attainment for students in the first semester and part of the second semester, while the next academic year will be subject to evaluations of more accurate mechanisms and there will be no Complacency in ensuring students acquire skills and educational materials.