The arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that Kuwait International Airport, upon the instructions of the health authorities, will not operate any commercial flights leaving and arriving in the country from 10:00 pm until 4:00 am with the start of the first stage in early August.

The source emphasized that the scheduling of departing and arriving commercial flights for airlines operating in Kuwait International Airport will start from after 4 am, and continue until the evening, saying that the suspension of operation for a period of 6 hours comes to relieve the medical crews, which will not work 24 hours to check the arriving travelers And departing without a break.

The source stressed that air cargo flights continue to transport imported goods and commodities, and will not stop, explaining that the logistical operations of airport and commercial crews are continuing in their work without stopping. On the other hand, with the commencement of commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport, some airlines, travel agencies and tourism agencies rushed to cancel thousands of reservations for departing and arriving travelers.

According to a source for Al-Qabas, some of those offices approved the reservations of the departing and arriving travelers before the General Administration of Civil Aviation approved the schedules of commercial flights for the month of August, according to the plan of the first phase, which stipulates the departure and arrival of 10,000 passengers daily on 100 flights. He indicated that some airlines and travel agencies bear the responsibility for canceling travel tickets because they did not obtain the final approvals by civil aviation, which clarifies the operational quotas for each airline operating at Kuwait Airport, noting that the operational shares for commercial flights will be 50% for national carriers and 50% For regional and international carriers.