103 yeasr-old Pakistani relatives and doctors said he has recovered from Covid-19 to become among the oldest survivors of the disease in the world, overcoming difficulties in a country with a weak health care system.

Aziz Abdel-Alim, a resident of a village in the mountainous northern Chitral region, emerged last week from an emergency treatment center after tests showed he had been infected in early July.

“We were worried about him because of his age, but he was not upset at all,” Ahmed al-Alim’s son Ahmed told Reuters by phone from his village near the Pakistani border with China and Afghanistan.

Ahmed quoted his father as saying that he had gone through a lot in his life and that he was not afraid of the virus. But he was not comfortable, though, to remain in isolation.

Ahmed, a carpenter over fifty, said that his father was a carpenter until the 1970s, and three wives and nine sons and daughters died in his life, adding that his father was separated from his fourth wife and he is currently married at five.

Dr. Sardar Nawaz, a senior medical official at the Aga Khan Health Service Emergency Center, told Reuters Friday that Abdul Alim also needed moral and psychological support during the isolation and treatment period.
Pakistan has recorded more than 270,000 infections and 5763 deaths from the disease caused by the emerging corona virus.