The Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that 1,000 residence permits for expatriates fall daily due to their presence outside the country and the failure of their sponsors or employers to renew them, noting that the Ministry of Interior has allowed since the beginning of the crisis of the new “Corona” virus, renewal electronically via the “Online” .

The sources indicated that there are a lot of companies and employers who renew their workers’ residency located outside Kuwait due to the airport’s closure and their inability to return to the country, however there is another section that has not completed the renewal and among them are sponsors who have not renewed for their families and therefore bear the responsibility for the residency fall, and there is no relationship with the Ministry of Interior In this regard .

The sources stressed that “the arrivals whose residencies are extinguished while they are outside the country can not return again except through a new entry visa”, explaining that “the status of these people is different from the others who spent outside the country for more than six months, and their residency is valid, because the time limit for them has been extended until End of the current year.