The Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that While health regulations obligated passengers arriving to Kuwait with the commencement of commercial flights at the airport in early August, to obtain a certified health certificate (PCR) proving the negative incidence of “Covid 19” with a validity of 96 hours from the date of examination,

informed sources confirmed to “Al-Rai” that “The result of the examination via e-mail or text message (SMS) on the passenger phone will not be counted,” noting that “the health authorities will only accept the original certificate of the test result to prevent any manipulation or errors.”

And revealed that the Ministry of Health is in the process of accrediting another private laboratory, and is close to completing the fulfillment of the technical specifications of the accreditation standards for conducting a PCR examination, the sources indicated that« the approved fees for this type of examination are 40 dinars, which represents the highest ceiling to ensure that the envelope is not used Currently, however, laboratories that obtain accreditation can set another price, provided that it does not exceed the value determined by the ministry.
In this context, Al-Rai learned that “the accredited laboratories tend to adopt lower prices than the specified higher ceiling, ranging between 30 and 35 dinars.”
The sources indicated that “the government service price in some countries ranges between 19 and 32 dinars, while it is provided in hospitals and centers affiliated with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health for free to citizens and residents according to specific health requirements.