Finally, after total isolation, continued for nearly two and a half months. Al-Farwaniyah sighed with relief today, as life returned to the area and its residents, many of whom went to their jobs after a long break due to the isolation.

“Al-Rai” monitored the scene since the beginning of the removal of the isolation from the area at dawn, and people returned to practice their daily daily activities during a period before the isolation, while some went to visit friends and family after an interruption that lasted for more than 80 days.

A number of the residents of Al-Farwaniyah have expressed their happiness to lift the isolation due to the Corona pandemic, indicating that this will contribute to the return of life and the economic wheel in the country. They stressed that during the isolation period, all food and health care supplies were available in the area, and that charitable societies and committees contributed to alleviating the suffering of those affecte