The General Administration of Civil Aviation in Kuwait has launched a new application on the Internet in the name of “Kuwait – Traveler” “” to provide convenience for all passengers traveling “departing and arriving” to and from the State of Kuwait, starting from August 1, 2020, coinciding with the resumption of commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport .

The “Kuwait – Traveler” application developed by the National Aviation Services company “NAS” includes the instructions and directions necessary for travel approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior, and thus Kuwait is the leader among the region’s airports to implement this technology in a single platform to help travelers in Meet the new travel requirements during the “Covid-19” pandemic, thus reducing waiting time and avoiding airport congestion as well as facilitating travel procedures.

The application has been developed to achieve three main goals that include protecting the health of passengers and airport employees by raising awareness and applying travel procedures without contact, which helps passengers to meet travel requirements in accordance with the developed procedures, and to ensure that passengers enjoy the highest levels of protection at every step during travel.

This application helps to reduce airport waiting times, and it can also enable the operators of passenger buildings to overcome the challenges of limited capacity due to the application of the principle of physical divergence through prior reservation of airport services such as check-in dates, and others.

All departing and arriving passengers to and from Kuwait should register with the application available in both English and Arabic. To register, passengers must download the program through the following website: “Kuwait” and enter the required data on flight details that will allow them to book appointments for the PCR test “when needed” , Full travel notices, reservation of airport services such as halls, concierge and assistance services, luggage delivery, etc.

The application can be accessed via mobile phone, laptop or PC, and a 24-hour call and assistance center is available to answer inquiries or address any technical challenges.

This technology is the first of its kind in the Middle East region – and will serve as a gateway for communication between passengers and authorities – to receive and receive comments from all travelers to enter comments and ask for help and advice on any concerns regarding health safety measures inside the airport to correct immediately.

All departures must ensure that they are fully aware of the travel systems developed by airlines, Covid-19 PCR and quarantine systems in the country you are heading to, in addition to the visa requirements of their destination country in advance, and this must be done well in advance of their trips. To ensure that test dates are booked according to required schedules.

It is imperative that passengers coming to the State of Kuwait register with this application and enter the required data the results of the PCR test four days before the flight date.

The “Kuwait – Musafir” application is one of many initiatives launched by the General Administration of Civil Aviation to ensure that the airport is operating in accordance with international standards and of the highest quality throughout the period of travelers’ presence in Kuwait International Airport.