kuwait Airways announced today, Tuesday, that it is ready to take off with the restart of commercial flights.
“Kuwaiti” said: “Since the distinguished cabinet announced the resumption of operation by no more than 30 percent from August 1, 2020, and Kuwait Airways in all its sectors, has started to develop plans and appropriate solutions for this operation, and there is no doubt that the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus ( Kovid 19) had a great impact on the commercial aviation movement in the world, which caused the impact of many airlines, which tended to reduce their productivity, and despite that, Kuwait Airways is returning, as usual, with full strength and determination to return the smile on the faces of travel lovers, who always They choose Kuwait Airways aircraft and services, conveying their favorite destinations. ”

She added, “The company has prepared early for the return of commercial flights starting from selling travel tickets through its various electronic platforms in addition to opening the company’s offices to receive customers, as well as choosing destinations and lines with increasing demand in response to the desires of our esteemed passengers and also depending on the approvals received by other international airports regarding Opening airspace to flights coming from the State of Kuwait ».
She also explained, “Kuwaiti Airlines is also taking the necessary precautions and guidelines recommended by the General Administration of Civil Aviation immediately after commencing the activation of commercial flights, in addition to the continuous sterilization and disinfection of planes, equipment and transportation, and training of plane crews to follow appropriate safety measures to avoid infection with the new Corona virus. Coved 19 with care to wear masks and gloves and put sterile materials ».
“Kuwaiti Airlines is now fully devoting its efforts to enter a new phase, especially when the government adopted the return plan to open commercial aviation gradually, which includes 3 stages starting from August 1 and extending until August 2021, so Kuwait Airways has taken several important steps to prepare well for this operation from Through its various sectors that have undertaken careful and prudent studies, and always need to take appropriate decisions that are in the interest of the company and customers at the same time.

Among those vital sectors is the Department of Strategic Planning and Networks, which works to evaluate and prepare the stations that will be operational starting from August 1, 2020, according to the approvals received from the countries, where Kuwait Airways laid down its plan for the destinations and lines that imposed fewer restrictions without them. In terms of allowing passengers to come from Kuwait Airport with the gradual increase in the number of lines and flights ».
“The operating lines were chosen for destinations with a growing demand in the Kuwait market, especially for passenger traffic to and from Kuwait, as well as transit traffic, for the various operating stations with the highest return, but by reducing operating capacities in line with the decisions of the General Administration of Civil Aviation to reduce the capacity for each of: Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf countries India, where Kuwait Airways plans to operate: London, Munich, Turkey (Istanbul – Bodrum – Trabzon), Bahrain, Cairo, Beirut, Dubai, Doha, Geneva, Baku, Lahore, Amman, Sarajevo, India (Mumbai – Delhi – Cochin – Madras) with an initial focus and priority for destinations that have reopened their airports to travelers coming from the State of Kuwait with the development of reduced health restrictions and requirements such as: London, Geneva, Turkey and Dubai and there is a plan to increase the operating stations if the opportunity is provided to increase the operating capacities of Kuwait Airways ».
She stated that «the long-term employment strategy depends entirely on the state’s strategy with respect to the global corona pandemic and its consequences on all sectors as well as the strategy of each country in the world to be operated on, as the employment strategy differed as it was in the past from the selection of operational stations based on demand to and from Kuwait market and foreign markets without restrictions, as it is currently governed by many laws issued by each country according to the state of the outbreak of Covid 19 disease and changing daily by changing the conditions of the epidemic, which affected and affects negatively the air transport sector significantly, so the Kuwait Airways plan depends on operation Gradual operation stations taking into consideration the laws of the State of Kuwait applicable to air transport companies and the laws of other countries, as well as the demand to operate to those destinations and the desire of travelers to do so.
As for the sales department of Kuwait Airways, it sets the appropriate plans for the process of selling tickets for travel through several different means, such as the website and electronic application of the company, since the distinguished cabinet approved the start of commercial airline flights starting from August 1, 2020, as well as through other usual channels such as travel agents and reservation systems In Kuwait and around the world, the company also opened the Kuwait Airways office in the Avenues and the airport, and all offices are opened outside Kuwait, according to what is provided by the laws for each city separately and according to their circumstances, where the company prepared a realistic operating schedule by adapting to the current operating conditions To all stations, as the competent authorities set standards for determining the number of passengers per day, as it is expected to run at a rate of 30 flights per day in the first stage, and the pace will rise according to the variables, and not all aircraft seats are offered for sale, as some of them are withheld for operational reasons.
The «Kuwaiti» was the first in cooperation with travel agents in Kuwait in the casual operation (charter) months ago, where Kuwait Airways launched many destinations through the company’s agents and partners to stations such as: Cairo, Sohag, Alexandria, Delhi, Cochin, Mumbai, Madras , Vijaywada, Kanoor, Trichy, Trivandrum, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Lahore, Manila, Dhaka, Colombo, Khartoum and others.
Kuwait Airways adopted a supportive policy for its passengers, and adopted a policy of the best and most flexible policies to preserve the rights of passengers and grant them the right to reuse tickets without fines and discounts, and the sales support process continued without stopping during the crisis, just as the role of Kuwait Airways during the Corona pandemic in the transportation of goods Active and effective as the company operated daily air cargo flights, to provide the essential materials required by two Boeing 777 cargo planes with a capacity of 75 tons and a range of more than 15 flying hours.
With regard to taking precautionary measures, the Kuwait Airways crew is obligated on board the flights to wear fully protective masks and sterilizers, while ensuring that passengers are reduced to avoid infection with the new Corona virus, in addition to that, the flight crew is charged with reporting any suspicion or symptoms that appear One of the passengers, God forbid, must immediately contact the Operations Control Center, which in turn will communicate with the health authorities in the country.
After the arrival of the aircraft, they are sterilized by the Engineering Department of Kuwait Airways, where the department sprays and disinfects the aircraft in a way that ensures that the aircraft are free of any viruses and are ready to receive passengers again.
And do not forget the role of the Operations Department, as it has been keen since the beginning of the crisis to follow all precautionary measures to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus, in line with the recommendations and directives of the health authorities in the country, where the Operations Department informs the employees of the department of the procedures to prevent the Corona virus as methods of transmission and symptoms Infection with the virus and other training and awareness matters to keep them healthy from the risk of infection with the virus.
The department also distributes the awareness flyer about the Corona virus and puts the informative flyers on the billboard and provides the employees with masks, gloves, headgear and medical clothing, as well as providing the medical powders and sterilizers needed for the employees ’use, in addition to accurate sterilization of the mechanisms and aircraft ladders».

Following the precautionary measures in
this regard, the CEO of Kuwait Airways, Engineer Kamel Al-Awadi, said: “Kuwaiti Airlines is keen to follow the instructions and decisions issued by the distinguished cabinet, since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic, where the company has implemented all the requirements of the state and had The prominent role in evacuating citizens from abroad and bringing in medical supplies and equipment in addition to bringing foodstuffs in an effort to support the health and food sector in the country, and that Kuwait Airways has not and will not spare any effort to serve its beloved country Kuwait and its honorable people in implementation of the supreme desire of His Highness the Emir of the Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God protect and preserve him.
Al-Awadi added that Kuwait Airways is working in a serious and professional manner in terms of training and qualifying flight crews on how to deal with passengers in accordance with the new international procedures and standards for the new Corona Virus as a benefit 19, indicating that Kuwaiti Airlines spares no effort to ensure the safety and health of passengers by following all preventive measures Necessary in terms of sterilizing airplanes, equipment, transportation, and the commitment of the crew to wear fully protective clothing in addition to the company’s commitment to implement the safety and health measures recommended by the General Administration of Civil Aviation and also to adhere to the procedures for passenger boarding the plane with physical spacing.
Al-Awadi concluded by saying: «Kuwait Airways is striving to serve its valued customers and provide all means of comfort during their travel, and that the company with all its affiliates and vital sectors whether operating in Kuwait International Airport or in the main building and its offices, devotes all its efforts to remain the fleet of Kuwait Airways And who owns the latest and newest different planes, always roams the world as we have been accustomed to since 1954.