The General Secretariat of the Municipal Council requested all members to attend tomorrow to make a survey after it was confirmed that one of the affiliates had been infected with the Corona virus, stressing that those who fail to conduct the survey will be prevented from entering the building until a certificate of Corona virus is brought in from the Ministry of Health.

The Secretariat indicated that coordination had been done with the Ministry of Health to carry out swabs (Covid 19), tomorrow, Wednesday, between ten in the morning and twelve noon on the ground floor.
The Secretary-General of the Municipal Council, Badr Al-Rifa’i, announced that the building of the council had been closed as a result of today, after it was confirmed that one of the municipal council’s employees had been infected with Corona virus (Covid-19), and that the General Secretariat would resume its work after the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday.

Al-Rifai confirmed that work is underway to completely sterilize all floors of the building as a precautionary and precautionary measure.