uwait International Airport will resume commercial flights tomorrow, after stopping it since the end of March 13, due to the Corona pandemic, according to the requirements of the relevant health authorities in this regard.

On June 29, the Council of Ministers approved a 3-stage plan to operate commercial flights in and out of Kuwait Airport, starting August 1, 2020.

The employment plan took into account the importance of adhering to the preventive and precautionary measures issued by the health authorities, as they will be applied to travelers through approved measures that must be followed, which would protect travelers and workers in this field from infection with this virus.

Stages of operation

Commercial flights will be gradually restarted according to the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the stages of the plan for a gradual return to normalcy in the country.

The first stage begins tomorrow, and lasts 6 months, with an operation of no more than 30 percent, the expected number of passengers not exceeding 10,000 per day, and the expected maximum number of trips 100 flights per day.

As for the second stage, it starts from February 1, 2021, and it also lasts 6 months with an operating rate of no more than 60 percent, the expected number of passengers does not exceed 20,000 per day, and the expected maximum number of flights is 200 flights per day.

The last third stage starts from August 1, 2021, with a 100 percent operating rate, the expected number of passengers is more than 30,000 per day, and the expected maximum number of flights is 300 flights per day.

Conditions and controls

On July 21, the General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular for the health protocol for commercial operation at Kuwait International Airport, and a guide for representatives of executive bodies to restart commercial flights.

The General Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Yusuf Al-Fawzan, told KUNA yesterday that the protocol includes all procedures pertaining to random inspection locations for arrivals and the procedures for arriving and departing from Kuwait International Airport.

Al-Fouzan clarified that the procedures included the necessity for travelers and visitors of the passenger building to wear the requirements of continuous protection and sterilization, while adhering to the instructions on physical distance and reducing touch as much as possible, adding that departing passengers must provide travel conditions for the country to which they will travel, whether related to checking for freedom from the Corona virus or Any other conditions.

He stated that the protocol stipulated that departing passengers will not be allowed to carry hand-luggage or carry-on luggage in the plane, except for small bags for medicines, personal effects and children’s belongings, and entry to passenger buildings will only be allowed for employees and travelers, with the exception of those with special needs, the elderly and special cases that It requires one companion for them to enter the airport.

He stated that the instructions included the necessity of reserving tickets electronically or by telephone, and receiving them via e-mail, in order to avoid the use of paper tickets and the infection that may accompany them, stressing that failure to adhere to the procedures contained in this guide exposes the violator to apply the laws related to that.

He stressed the need to provide information on the health status, and the certificate of freedom from the Covid 19 virus from an accredited health center if requested by the traveler, with commitment to the period required for the validity of the certificate, adding that citizens must provide health insurance for the duration of the travel covering treatment of HIV infection, and know the information And the procedures followed at Kuwait International Airport in the event of departure and arrival.

Al-Fouzan stressed the importance of the presence of travelers to the airport, at least four hours before travel, registration with the “Kuwait – Traveler” application, and the presentation of the relevant “barcode” at all stages of travel, and the importance of travelers before issuing the ticket to inquire from the airline or the tourism and travel office about the procedures that It is applied at the airport to which he is traveling, because the procedures differ from one airport to another, and it is updated from time to time.

As for the protective equipment in the airport buildings, he mentioned that posters were installed indicating the importance of social spacing, with the installation of protective barriers, as well as the supply of protective thermal cameras, barriers for passenger seats, and sterilizers for escalators.Health controls for arrivals

Al-Fawzan said that the health controls for passengers coming to Kuwait International Airport are to obtain a certified health certificate (PCR), proving the negativity of Corona disease with a validity period of 96 hours from the date of the examination.

He added that all incoming passengers will be subject to the home quarantine for a period of 14 days, pointing out that the PCR examination certificate is required only for the airports that require this certificate, stressing the need to register on the “Shlonk” platform for those arriving in the country before boarding the plane, and sign a commitment to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s instructions, whether with the stone Domestic or institutional.

He also stated that one of the requirements is to measure the temperature of all passengers before boarding the plane, adhere to the health requirements in terms of wearing masks and gloves, use sterilizers and adhere to physical spacing, adding that it was agreed with the Ministry of Health to bear the examination procedures for the random sample by 10 percent of the incoming passengers.