Although Kuwait will open its airspace for commercial flights to citizens and residents to travel during the summer vacation, the conditions set by the Ministry of Health, in the forefront of which is the issuance of a “PCR” certificate to examine “Corona” for travelers and those coming to the country, in addition to the instructions of the General Administration of Civil Aviation, and the conditions of “Corona “The unstable in the world, and the high prices of tickets, made many people reluctant to make the decision to travel, while others feel that there is no objection to traveling abroad as long as there is a commitment by everyone to the health and preventive requirements.

The opinions polled by the “newspaper” on this subject differed between supporters and opponents, as some believed that travel during these days should be in the case of extreme necessity only, whether for treatment or study, but if for tourism it can be postponed until the health conditions in the world improve.

Others considered that the period of isolation and embargo in the country necessitates traveling abroad to entertain and change the psychological atmosphere, which controls Kuwait due to the pandemic of “Covid-19”, and the following are the details:

Initially, Nadia Al-Bakhit considered that travel should be for the most necessary only, “because the situation is still not reassuring, and there is no treatment or vaccine for the virus, and if people travel, they can infect themselves and their families with damage, especially since the epidemic is still prevalent in all countries of the world.”

Al Bakhit emphasized that it is against travel unless it is for treatment or study. As for travel for tourism, it is not approved during the current circumstances.


For his part, Muhammad Deeb endorsed Al Bakhit’s opinion, saying that “tourist travel now is not important at all, and I do not like the idea of ​​adventure, so everyone should be careful and careful, and everyone should take care of himself, his family and his community.”

Deeb added that “everyone should focus on restoring normal and working life and returning conditions to their previous times. As for travel, its time will come when the epidemic is largely confined to various countries.”

no problem

On the other hand, Mahmoud Abdel-Ghani believes that there is no objection to travel as long as there is a commitment by travelers to the health conditions and controls, pointing out that many need to travel in the current circumstances to get out of the period of isolation and the ban that caused them to become depressed and bored.

Abdul Ghani added: “All countries are now working to limit the epidemic and return to normalcy, but the problem is that the prices of tickets now have increased significantly.”

working conditions

As for Ahmed Hamid, he said, “I have a great desire to travel, but I work in a private company and it is difficult for me to be allowed to take an annual holiday these days because of the period in which we were forced to stop work due to the spread of Corona’s epidemic,” stressing, “I am not against the idea of ​​travel as long as things are subject Subject to state controls, but working conditions will force us not to travel. “

Very dangerous

For her part, Reham Mohamed said: “I do not support traveling during the current period, so staying within the country is safe,” stressing that “there is no need now for tourism, because all countries are spreading the epidemic, and the current conditions are not an appropriate time for adventure, because the matter carries a great risk to everyone.”

In turn, Samaa Al-Ajmi said: “I do not support travel a year before this crisis,” explaining that “normal life began to return in Kuwait and abroad, but until now the epidemic has been spreading.”

Al-Ajami added, “If an infection affects a person while he is inside his country, he can easily enter the hospital and guarantee care and treatment, but while abroad, no one knows what the treatment procedures and level of care are.”

For her part, Habiba Abdel-Hadi stressed that “there is no need to venture into these situations, and it is better now for everyone to commit to his work and home until the conditions return to their nature, and until this epidemic is controlled globally, despite the boredom of many, including myself, but waiting is the solution until It will be safe for everyone. “

Preventive measures

As for Mohamed Ahmed, he said: “There is absolutely no objection to travel if the countries allow it and open the way to enjoying change and tourism.”

“We all seek to restore life to normal, and part of it is travel, whether for tourism, study or treatment, so let this step begin as long as it is under specific conditions and proportions for the numbers of passengers and trips,” Ahmed added.

We support travel for necessity. As for tourism, there is no room for adventure. We prefer citizens and residents to wait

There is no objection to breaking out of isolation and prohibition, while adhering to the preventive instructions