Local Arabic news Paper Alqabas reported that the number of flights that arrived at Kuwait International Airport, from 4 countries that were included in the commercial flight ban, was 4.

A source said that there are 3 additional non-scheduled flights provided from Egypt from 3 different airports in Cairo, Sohag and Alexandria, as well as one trip from Beirut. He indicated that the number of passengers coming from Egypt reached 450, and 120 passengers from Beirut.

The source said that the additional 3 flights arrived at Kuwait International Airport in “one hour”, as the first plane arrived from Cairo at 1 am and the second from Alexandria at 1.22 am and the third from Sohag at 2 am.

The source said that the decision to ban commercial aviation for 31 countries by the health authorities was “surprising and fast” as the first day was scheduled to leave about 23 flights and the arrival of 20 flights from several destinations, including Egypt, Beirut, Turkey, Doha and Dubai. The source pointed out that the decision to ban commercial aviation will have legal and financial implications for some airlines due to the cancellation of thousands of ticket

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5790579