An economic source revealed that thousands of travel tickets will be canceled after the decision to ban commercial aviation with 31 countries.

The arabic local newspaper Alqabs reported that about 10,000 travel tickets will be canceled after the decision to ban commercial aviation, especially since thousands of residents in Kuwait will cancel their reservations for fear of not returning and entering again to Kuwait.

The source confirmed that the decision of the health authorities caused an economic catastrophe and heavy losses for some airlines, travel and tourism offices. He described the decision to prevent health authorities from entering the citizens of 31 countries as “a hasty decision and a reaction to what social media has witnessed,” noting that it was not built on clear foundations that convince the public, especially since scheduled flights departing for the first day to allow commercial flights 23 and upcoming 20 trips. ,

Which confused the flight schedule and travelers. ” The source asked how the health authorities allow citizens and residents to travel to the prohibited countries and in return prevent entry of their nationals? He indicated that most of the canceled travel tickets will be for the Egyptian community in the country, the majority of whom would prefer not to travel during this period.

He emphasized that the travel agencies in the country will return the sums of canceled tickets to travelers, but some regional airlines will delay the return of sums, which will pose a dilemma for many during the next stage. Flights Civil Aviation Sk F