The General Administration of Relations and Security Media of the Ministry of Interior stated that, as part of the criminal security sector’s continuous efforts to eradicate the drug scourge, the General Department of Narcotics Control managed to arrest six people in four drug and psychotropic substance cases in different places and refer the accused and the seizures to the competent authorities.

The administration said that with information to the local control department stating that there is a citizen who is trading in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in one of the buildings, by monitoring and investigation, the information has been verified, the necessary legal permission has been taken, and the place has been raided, where it was seized and accompanied by another citizen and by inspection a kilo and a half of the chemical was found Mentally acting, 20 grams of alum and a small piece of hashish, 6 gunshots of a firearm, 100 tablets of various types of psychotropic substances, a sensitive scale and nylon bags used in the promotion of narcotic substances, in addition to an amount of 3200 KD

In the same context, two persons from an unspecified group were seized after receiving confidential information stating that they were trafficked to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in another region, and accordingly the necessary legal permission was taken and the place was raided, as they were seized after resistance from them, and by inspection a number of 3000 Captagon pills were found. , And 1700 tablets of Larica type, in addition to a sum of KD 3380.

The administration also added that a citizen who was cultivating narcotic marijuana seedlings in his home was arrested and trafficked, and immediately the necessary measures were taken and after taking legal permission and raiding the residence, and by inspection it was revealed that there is a protected room for caring for seedlings and inside there are 3 seedlings of narcotic marijuana fully developed and ready for sale, in addition to To find some of the seeds of the same drug, and against it he admitted and admitted cultivating marijuana.

The General Anti-Narcotics General also seized a person of a foreign nationality who brought narcotic drugs into the country for the purpose of trafficking, and after taking the necessary legal measures in the inspection, where it was found

3 kilos of narcotic marijuana

12 bottles of liquor

2 sensitive scales and empty nylon bags

And the amount of money is 3150 KD, and by confronting him with seizures and interrogating him, he admitted that he used to bring narcotic drugs into the country by hiding them inside the postal parcels.

All the accused and the seized were referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against the