irector of the General Administration of Civil Aviation M. Yousef Al-Fawzan revealed that the agencies operating at Kuwait International Airport have succeeded in implementing the operational plans with the return of commercial flights after a hiatus of about 5 months. Al-Fouzan assured that the air freight operations to import goods and goods are continuous and have not stopped since the Corona pandemic, and their frequency has increased after the resumption of commercial flights, praising the efforts of all workers who continued day and night to return flights to the airport and provide all procedures that ensure smooth and easy procedures In front of travelers.

The Director of Civil Aviation Administration, Yusuf Al-Fawzan, stated that with the launch of commercial flights, the total number of departing flights during the days of 1 and 2 August amounted to about 31 flights with 2,800 passengers, while the number of flights arriving to the country reached 30 flights, with 1,470 passengers, explaining that The most prominent travel destinations are to Turkey, Dubai, and Doha. Work teams He pointed to the formation of continuous working teams to guide travelers and follow up the implementation of the health protocol that was recently approved, explaining that the procedures for travel with the Corona pandemic will be different by adding health protection workers to security and facilities workers, in order to protect travelers and workers in this field.

Al-Fouzan showed that all travel requirements are applied smoothly, especially in light of the commitment of travelers and employees to health procedures. Asked about the strict health measures in front of travelers, Al-Fouzan replied that it is in the interest of travelers, health security and public safety, pointing out that following these procedures inside the airport does not take minutes, by filling in the data required to complete the travel procedures.

Al-Fouzan suggested that there is no laboratory inside the airport to conduct a PCR examination for citizens, explaining that the health authorities determine the specialized centers for examination. He pointed out that travel from Kuwait to any country in the world did not stop, and what was done was to stop the entry of “foreigners” from 31 countries to Kuwait. Al-Fouzan continued: “Any traveler, whether Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti, who is in the prohibited countries, can spend 14 days in any non-prohibited country, and the PCR is being examined so that he can then come to Kuwait.” Regarding reviewing the lists of countries prohibited from entering Kuwait, Al-Fouzan stressed that all decisions, whether issued by the Council of Ministers or the Ministry of Health, are reviewed first-hand and are modified according to the health situation in the country. On the return of “foreign” state employees; Like teachers, engineers, and others present in the countries covered by the ban,

Al-Fouzan said: “No new directives or decisions have been issued, and teachers, doctors, and engineers are still treated as the rest of the travelers.” Citizens are happy to travel .. and others are afraid A number of citizens expressed their joy at the return of commercial flights, stressing that they are thirsty for travel and tourism, especially after the total ban that the country has gone through during the past months, explaining that the departure procedures are easy, and they did not face any difficulties. On the other hand, other citizens pointed out that there is fear due to the severe health measures represented in subjecting all comers to home quarantine for 14 days after their return, especially since many countries, the level of coronavirus infection in it is still high. Limited movement On the third day for the operation of commercial flights, and the second from the announcement of the list of 31 banned countries, Kuwait International Airport witnessed limited movement and calm yesterday, amid strict health procedures, by examining travelers since they entered the airport.