while this morning secondary school teachers begin their work hours in their schools to start giving virtual classes in the distance education system to the twelfth grade students in the scientific and literary sections and religious education, educational sources revealed to the newspaper that the completion of the training of 11 thousand male and female secondary teachers in various basic school subjects , On the mechanisms of using the distance learning programs “Microsoft Teams”, which “Education” recently adopted to implement the virtual classes within the educational portal.

The sources said that the computer guidance, which was entrusted with the task of training the field in the mechanisms of distance education and its uses, headed by Acting General of the Computer, Najiba Dashti, and in cooperation with the team “Technosoft”, he finished the training operations for 11 thousand teachers of basic subjects in the stage high school.

She pointed out that during the last two weeks of last July, “Online” training workshops were held for these teachers using modern programs to train on the use of TEMS e-learning programs remotely.

Teacher training

The sources stated that the guidance held electronic training workshops for 436 mentors at the beginning of the stage, to prepare them for the training processes of material instructors and department heads, and then transferred the experience to train teachers under the direct supervision of the general guidance of the computer, pointing out that the educational field received adequate training on methods of using educational programs for distance.

She stated that the training plan was developed in a manner that takes into account the conditions of the health crisis and the necessary conditions, as all the workshops were “online” using modern means of communication and “TIMS” programs, to achieve the goal of preparing teachers for the distance education stage and applying virtual classes according to the latest mechanisms.

She pointed out that the use of these programs gives the ministry great potential in terms of the number of students and teachers who can use the programs at one time, which allows all components of the educational process to benefit from technology in achieving educational goals.

She said that the Ministry will train 12th graders on the use of distance education and “TEMS” programs, through the educational portal, from today until the start of the actual study next Sunday, through technological means and communication, to enable them to use the programs well.4 virtual classes for each subject per day

The Ministry of Education stated that the number of virtual classes for each subject for the twelfth grade 4 per day, for the scientific and literary sections, in addition to religious education, explaining that the mechanism for evaluating students of twelfth grade students in its scientific and literary sections for the second semester of the current year 2019-2020 will be 25 25 percent for attendance and absence, 25 percent for participation and interaction, 25 percent for homework, and 25 percent for reports.

She indicated that the twelfth grade academic plan in its scientific and literary departments, in addition to religious education, will be according to the revised curriculum, as it will be circulated to school principals and principals for follow-up with teachers.

5 hours working time

In a related context, and in confirmation of what was published by the “newspaper” in an earlier issue on the mechanism of work for distance education to teach twelfth grade during August, the Ministry of Education set the conditions for the return of secondary school teachers to their school hours this morning, with a working time of 5 hours per day.

The ministry said, in its circular, that it is decided that the school time for teachers in the secondary stage to complete the second semester of 2020-2019 in schools, so that the work starts from 8 in the morning and ends at 1 in the afternoon, adding that workers who are not supervisory bodies will apply the working time according to the controls Established by the Civil Service Bureau, according to the rules for the gradual return to work.

She pointed out that the teacher’s attendance will take place before the start of the assigned assignment to work on the educational portal for teaching the twelfth grade for a quarter of an hour from the start of the session and leave immediately, indicating that some workers will be exempted according to the controls set by the Civil Service Bureau, provided that medical excuses are given to school administrations , And submit it to the competent authorities in the educational districts.

Sterilizing schools

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education confirmed its preparations for the resumption of working hours at the secondary level in all schools and educational districts today, as the relevant departments have done their part to provide the necessary labor, follow-up to school cleaning and equipping, and the operation of air-conditioning units.Starting the procedures for recruiting Kuwaiti and Bidoon teachers

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education announced the start of completing the procedures for the appointment of educational bodies of Kuwaiti children, wives of Kuwaitis and Gulf residents, and illegal residents, which were suspended due to the Corona pandemic.

Education confirmed the recall of the aforementioned groups to complete their transactions during the coming period, explaining that the selection of teachers is made according to the requirements required in each discipline.

She indicated that she will announce her need for the educational specializations required for the academic year 2020-2021 for Kuwaitis and all other groups, after the attendance of the educational staff members and workers, to determine the actual need and limit the required specializations, according to the actual busy in school