The struggle for new Corona virus vaccines has intensified, as global health institutions are concerned about plans to buy vaccines in bulk, and institutions have panicked as they see some rich countries moving behind their interests, so they have concluded deals with pharmaceutical companies to obtain millions and millions of doses of vaccines for their citizens, striking wall of aspirations Poor or developing countries and their need for these vaccines, where rich countries have already bought more than a billion doses of emerging virus vaccines, which raised fears that the rest of the world will be in the queue in light of global efforts to defeat the deadly epidemic.

The American “Bloomberg” website indicated that the US and UK moves to secure supplies from Sanofi and its partner GlaxoSmithKline and another agreement between Japan and Pfizer is the latest in a series of agreements, and the European Union was in the forefront of those wishing to obtain vaccinations before others.

The prospect of rich countries monopolizing the supply has raised concerns among poor countries and global health advocates, a scenario that was evident in the 2009 swine flu pandemic. According to the analyst, Airfinity, the United States, Britain, the European Union and Japan have booked about 1.3 billion doses of potential Corona vaccines, and pending deals will add about 1.5 billion doses to the last number. “Even if we have an optimistic assessment, there are not enough vaccines for the world,” says Airfinity CEO Rasmus Beck Hansen. WHO is working with international institutions to achieve a $ 18 billion plan to secure 2 billion doses of vaccine by the end of 2021