The Council of Ministers held its extraordinary meeting this afternoon through video communication chaired by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister. After the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Khaled Al-Saleh stated the following : At the beginning of its meeting, the Council of Ministers raised the presence of His Highness the Prince, His Highness the Deputy Prince and Crown Prince, may God preserve them and their patrons and the generous Kuwaiti people, the highest verses of congratulations and blessings on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha, praying to the glorified and exalted beings to return this dear occasion to the Arab and Islamic nations with goodness, Yemen and blessings The cloud is about our dear country and the whole world.
On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the crime of the brutal Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait, which happened yesterday, Sunday, the State of Kuwait recalls with all pain and sorrow the catastrophe of this treacherous aggression and has mercy on the souls of the righteous martyrs of Kuwait, asking God Almighty to keep them with his mercy, forgiveness and gratitude, as it proudly recalls the pride of the steadfastness of the Kuwaiti people The Father in the face of this aggression and the clear national unity images that manifested during the ordeal of the brutal occupation, as the State of Kuwait renews thanks and gratitude to the brothers and friends for their witnessed sacrifices and active efforts that embodied their principled courageous stances, which were credited after God Almighty in liberating the State of Kuwait and returning the right to His thrust called on the Almighty God to protect the State of Kuwait and its people from all evil and perpetuate the blessing of security, safety and prosperity under the wise leadership of His Highness the Prince and His Highness the Crown Prince, may God preserve them and protect them and the cohesion of its people.

In this regard, His Highness the Prime Minister assured the Council of the health of His Highness the Prince, may God preserve him and his sponsors, which is witnessing a remarkable improvement in the praise and grace of God. His Highness the Prime Minister also conveyed the greetings and appreciation of His Highness, may God protect him and his patronage to all, for their generous follow-up, interest and good feelings. In this regard, he called the Almighty Council of Ministers May His Highness, may God protect him and his pastors, grant him complete health and well-being and long life, and return to his homeland safely and well in the near future, God willing, to continue the path of giving to our dear homeland.

The Cabinet expressed deep satisfaction and sincere congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the occasion of his discharge from the hospital unharmed after recovering from his recent surgical operation, which was crowned with success by the grace of God Almighty, asking God Almighty. Glory be to him the blessing of health and wellness and keep it as an asset for the brotherly Saudi people and the Arab and Islamic nations.
On the other hand, the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Hammoud Al-Sabah explained to the Council the developments of the health situation in the country as a result of the spread of the new Corona virus and the details of statistics related to the numbers of cases of HIV infection and the cases of recovery and death and those receiving treatment. In this regard, the Cabinet renewed the call to all citizens and residents not to compromise in adhering to the requirements Health and Prevention to ensure the health and safety of community members.

The Cabinet also followed up on the latest developments in the therapeutic, preventive and logistical services related to efforts to combat the spread of the new Corona virus, and reviewed the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies, and the Cabinet decided the following: – First: Cancellation of Cabinet decisions No. (784) adopted at its extraordinary meeting No. (39 / 2020) held on 6/18/2020 and No. (883) adopted at its meeting No. (45/2020) held on 7/13/2020 regarding the regulations for organizing the travel of citizens abroad.

Second: Circular to all citizens wishing to travel abroad on the necessity of activating health insurance (travel insurance), provided that it covers the costs of treatment abroad in the event of injuries or accidents.
Third: The Council was informed of the circular of the General Administration of Civil Aviation No. (87/2020) to allow citizens and residents in the country to travel to and from the State of Kuwait as of 1/8/2020 except for residents coming from countries with high risk of the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging (Covid 19) countries The following (India – Iran – China – Brazil – Colombia – Armenia – Bangladesh – Philippines – Syria – Spain – Singapore – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sri Lanka – Nepal – Iraq – Mexico – Indonesia – Chile – Pakistan – Egypt – Lebanon – Hong Kong – Italy – Northern Macedonia – Moldova – Panama – Peru – Serbia – Montenegro – Dominican Republic – Kosovo) until further notice with commitment to apply the home quarantine to all arrivals for a period of (14) days.
Fourth: The Kuwaiti citizen coming to the country from any destination must submit a PCR test certificate no more than 72 hours before their arrival in the State of Kuwait with a commitment to apply the home quarantine for a period of (14) days.
Fifth: It is prohibited from entering the State of Kuwait until further notice to residents of any nationality coming from the countries mentioned in Clause Three, whether coming directly from them or through other countries is not prohibited unless they reside outside the prohibited countries for a period of at least (14) days with an emphasis on the necessity Obtaining a PCR certificate for all arrivals to the country, no later than 72 hours before their arrival in Kuwait, provided that a commitment to apply the home quarantine to all arrivals is for a period of (14) days.
Then the Cabinet discussed the affairs of the National Assembly and examined, in this regard, the interrogation directed to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs from member Shuaib Shabab al-Muwaziri and reviewed the interrogation newspaper, where the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs explained the content of the interrogation and its dimensions Explaining the facts and data related to the axes mentioned in the interrogation newspaper, and the Council also heard an explanation from the Minister of Finance about the interrogation submitted to him by member Riad Al-Adsani, indicating details of data and information related to the interrogation axes and its responses to them.
The Cabinet affirmed its conviction and reassurance of the responses presented by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and the Minister of Finance to clarify and refute the axes of interrogations. As the Cabinet affirms that interrogation is a constitutional right guaranteed by the Constitution to every member of the National Assembly, it affirms the Cabinet’s keenness to Support the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, as well as the Minister of Finance, his full confidence in them and their support to continue their sincere efforts in their ministerial work.